I don’t get out and about shooting skateboarding all that often these days. There are reasons for that, but they aren’t interesting, so we’ll leave them. Occasionally though I do get out and try to make the most of my time.

On this day, I followed Kevin Lowry and Jake Kuzyk around Vancouver for a bit. At the time it felt like nothing of any real consequence happened while we were out. It was a low-key day. Around this same time Kevin left his stuff at my house. Maybe he was actually staying at my house. I forget. Anyway, I shot a few photos of his set-up for posterity while he wasn’t around.

Looking back on this roll of film now, nearly half a year later, it looks like a more exciting and important day than I remembered. I got to roll around not far from home with two friends that spend a good amount of their time travelling the world. We skated, we talked, and I shot photos. I guess in the end that’s about as good as a day can really get.

Words and photos by Jeff Thorburn